Thursday, June 19, 2003

Mid 2001
We move in our first new house. 2 months later the CRAZIES move in. Our life has been hell ever since. So why make a blog about them you might ask? Well if I don't get this stuff out I will KILL them! Yelling at them doesn't work. I have tried. this is my last hope..or maybe the last straw...who knows anymore...

1st major event.
The good neighbors. They have 3 older children. I love them like they are my own. The oldest girl is in High School. One day on the bus ride home she and 1 of the crazy boys have some sort of argument. Next thing I know the girl is at my house crying hysterically. The crazy momma SMACKED HER! Yes! And the crazy dad grabbed the girls brother behind the neck and left finger prints where he grabbed him so hard! I thought I was going to come unglued. When the good neighbors mother came home the cops were called. As to be expected. Complaints were filed and the good neighbor decied not to have them hauled off to jail where they belong for the childrens sake. Ok...I can live with that I guess....But right after the police left the crazy momma starts yelling at the good neighbor telling her what a bitch she is and how awful her children are. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT? I have to say I have never seen such a display of stupidity in my life. I have seen alot of stupid people before. And to this day she swears up and down she didn't do anything. HA! I saw the red marks on her face BITCH!! Now I realize these people are from New Yorkand truley insane, and there it may be ok to manhandle other people's children. But here in the south, you do NOT mess with the kids. This unfourtunatly is the first in long line of events betweent the bad neighbors and us...the normal people.

Events 3-8
The crazies have pets. Your thinking..Who doesn't right? Well they have 5 to six dogs. 5 cats. A rabbit, 2 birds, fish a turtle and a duck. Yes I said a duck! The turtle. Its an ok turtle I guess. They leave the turtle in an outside pen. One day the turtle goes missing. I can see the backyard from my back porch and say no one in the yard all day. But they insist the good neighbor's boy took the turtle. Swear up and down he did something to this damn turtle. Cussing and accusations are flying. 2 days later they find the thing in the field next to our subdivision but yet they still swear the boy took it and killed it but it's in thier house. Does this make sense to you? Now the good neighbors have kittens. 2 end up dead shortly after the tutle thing. One is found laying in the front yard soaking wet. The crazies have a pool. Seem a bit odd to you too? Then the crazies horrid dog is chained to a pole 24/7. It gets sick and dies. Crazies again swear up and down it is the good boy. Then the good neighbors get a new dog. a couple months later they come home to find the dog catcher picked him up after a call saying he was in the road with no leash. They get another dog. 2 weeks later it is found dead in the field next to my house. Coinsidence? I don't think so.

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